Kia Orana.

Chairman of Apii Arorangi PTA

On Sunday the 15th February 2015, Apii Arorangi will celebrate 100 years of providing an environment of learning in Vaka Puaikura. This truly is a magnificent achievement and we look forward to sharing this celebration with you.

In preparation for this event, parents and ex-pupils of Apii Arorangi formed the Apii Arorangi Centennial Committee (AACC) to lead us into this unique milestone in traditional Arorangi style.

Through this website the AACC invites you to be a part of this important event. Share with us your time at Apii Arorangi as a student, a teacher, a principal or as a member of the PTA, and we encourage you to complete the personal data form provided on this website. Some of this information will be included in the book of the 100 years. History of Apii Arorangi entitled “Toku Aka, Toku Tango, e Toku Kaveinga (My Roots, My Foundation & My Direction)” that we are currently researching.If you have any photos of your time at Apii Arorangi that you would like to share with us, please email on this email address.If you are attending the event, kindly fill in the registration form to let us know of your attendance and participation.

For pledges/donations to support the preparation for this event, account details will be made available on this website. Please provide a narration with your deposit.All fund raising activities assisting in hosting the event, requires the approval of the AACC and the PTA Executives.

Those interested in using the Apii Arorangi Centennial banner must send a written request for approval. All written requests will be evaluated within 7 days of receipt, approved requests will be displayed on this website. The purpose behind this measure is for better auditing records that will take place after this event and to stop our school falling victim to profiteering.

In preparation for this event, the AACC is pleased to confirm the following overseas radio stations will be broadcasting and relaying all updates; Australia

  • Melbourne Cook Islands Radio Broadcasting,
  • Sydney Cook Islands Radio Broadcasting,
  • Brisbane Cook Islands Radio Broadcasting
  • Perth Cook Islands Radio Broadcasting

New Zealand

  • Still to be confirmed.

I hope you find this website helpful and I look forward to meeting you in Rarotonga on the 15th February, 2015.

Kia Orana eKia Manuia

Mr. William M Tuivaga


    • admin says

      Heres the programme Maara,

      Tentative PROGRAMME for the Apii Arorangi Centennial Celebrations

      Proposed Calendar of Events

      Day 1 : Registration – 14th of February (Saturday) in front of Aro’a Nui Hall
      Day 2 : Blessing in Church
      Day 3 : A walk down ‘Memory Lane’
      Day 4 : Pupils give back to Apii Arorangi
      Day 5 : Island Night Celebration : Paying Tribute

      Saturday 14th of February, 2015.

      This day is set aside specifically for Registration purposes and for Package distribution. The purpose of this day is to catch all the overseas lot who did not manage to get online to register, as well as an opportunity to have those still outstanding to register and be counted and the opportunity to have an early Meet and Greet with everyone.

      The programme for that day is : –
      Booth Opens from 9.00 – 5.00
      Registration will include : Fee payment, Pick up of ID Cards and Souvenir Programme of the Centennial Proper as well as the purchase of T-shirts and other merchandise

      Evening Programme : –
      Mix n Mingle at the Arorangi Jetty – 6.00pm till 10.00pm at the Arorangi Jetty

      Sunday 15th of February, 2015 (ANNIVERSARY DAY)

      This is the Anniversary Day for Apii Arorangi and it is proposed that everyone attend Church Service in the Cook Islands Christian Church. The purpose of this day is to celebrate,

      Our Past – acknowledging our ancestors, our teachers and pupils who have passed on and acknowledging those who set the foundation of our School. We pay homage to the memory of all those who came before us and what they did to leave a legacy for us today.
      Our Present – In looking at today, we celebrate the School that we have today and give praise for the continuous support and effort that is being carried out in maintaining it as an institution of knowledge for our children, our village and for the country.
      Our Future – Understanding that the legacy of Apii Arorangi has reached 100 years, the future is what we are preparing ourselves for. We celebrate the opportunities to be able to grow and develop further using the Past and the Present to fulfill the legacies left to us by our ancestors, by our teachers and by all of us who have come through this institution. We have learnt, are learning and will continue to learn for as long as Apii Arorangi is still here.

      The programme for that day is : –
      Attend Church Service 10.00am
      Centennial Luncheon – COMBINED with Arorangi Ekalesia

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